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Welcome to the Nordic Ecolabelling declaration site

This is where you as a supplier help your customer in connection with their application to obtain a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence by declaring your items* in the Supply Chain Declaration Portal, also known as the SCDP.

* Item is a general term for various products and materials. For example chemicals, laminates, glass and fabrics.

Nordic Ecolabelling uses your information when evaluating a licence application. If specific properties need to be shared with your customers, it will be stated in the requirements. Everything else is treated confidentially by Nordic Ecolabelling.

In the declaration portal you can also state which customers should be able to find and select your items.

Here are the areas of items you can declare for

    • AI0019 Aluminium
    • AI0019  Aluminium – high proportion recycled
    • AI0019  Aluminium – primary raw material
    • AI0023  Aluminium production – primary raw material
    • AI0023  Aluminium production – recycled material
    • AI0012  Adhesive for assembly
    • AI0012  Adhesive for production of wood-based panels
    • AI0012  Other product for production of laminate/HPL
    • AI0012  Other products for assembly
    • AI0012  Other products for production of wood-based panels
    • AI0012  Resins for production of laminate/HPL
    • AI0012  Surface treatment for metal
    • AI0012  Surface treatment for plastic and rubber
    • AI0012  Surface treatment for wood, wood-based panels and laminate/HPL
    • AI0012  Surface treatment or additives for paper
    • AI0024  Adhesives
    • AI0024  Anti-felting
    • AI0024  Auxiliary chemicals
    • AI0024  Bleaching agent
    • AI0024  Carding oil
    • AI0024  Chemicals for filling, stuffing and padding
    • AI0024  Complexing –, chelating –, sequestering agent
    • AI0024  Dyes and pigments
    • AI0024  Printing paste
    • AI0024  Scouring agent
    • AI0024  Sizing agent
    • AI0024  Softener
    • AI0024  Spinning oil
    • AI0024  Washing agent, surfactant
    • AI0028  Acrylic
    • AI0028  Cotton
    • AI0028  Elastan
    • AI0028  Flax (linen)
    • AI0028  Other bast fibres
    • AI0028  Other natural fibre
    • AI0028  Other synthetic fibre
    • AI0028  Polyamide
    • AI0028  Polyester
    • AI0028  Polypropylene
    • AI0028  Regenerated cellulose
    • AI0028  Silk
    • AI0028  Wool
    • AI0016  Glass
    • AI0026  Hide
    • AI0026  Leather
    • AI0026  Skin
    • AI0014  Compact laminate
    • AI0014  Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL)
    • AI0014  Direct pressure laminate (melamine)
    • AI0014  High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
    • AI0014  Other type of laminate
    • AI0029  Chrome plating
    • AI0029  Nickel plating
    • AI0029  Other plating
    • AI0029  Zinc plating
    • AI0025  Coir
    • AI0025  Down and feathers
    • AI0025  Natural latex
    • AI0025  Other natural fibres
    • AI0025  Other synthetic fibres
    • AI0025  Other synthetic foams
    • AI0025  Polyester fibre
    • AI0025  Polyurethane foam (PUR)
    • AI0025  Recycled textile waste
    • AI0025  Straw
    • AI0025  Synthetic latex
    • AI0017  Paper
    • AI0013  Plastic
    • AI0013  Rubber
    • AI0013  Silicone
    • AI0018  Steel
    • AI0018  Steel – high proportion recycled
    • AI0018  Steel – iron ore based
    • AI0022  Steel production – iron ore based
    • AI0022  Steel production – recycled material
    • AI0030  Covers
    • AI0030  Textiles for other use
    • AI0040  Bamboo
    • AI0040  Cork
    • AI0040  Wood
    • AI0015  Chipboard
    • AI0015  High Density Fibreboard (HDF)
    • AI0015  Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)
    • AI0015  Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
    • AI0015  Other wood-based panels
    • AI0015  Plywood
    • AI0015  Solid wood panel
    • AI0027  Yarn

How to get started

  • Please, read the terms and conditions carefully.

  • Please, ask the person responsible (here called competent contact) at your company for login credentials to the Supply Chain Declaration Portal. 

    You will then receive an e-mail with a personal user name and password from Nordic Ecolabelling. The usename and password must not be shared with others.

  • Please, read the Declaration guide (download below) carefully before you start declaring.

    In the portal, you will find which properties of your items your customer needs you to declare. Ask your customer for their Application ID in the Nordic Ecolabelling Portal where they apply, since you have to state that and the customers company name in the Supply Chain Declaration Portal.

    When working, you will be able to keep track of and maintain all your declarations. You may also add new declarations or make changes or extensions of items.

    In the Supply Chain Declaration Portal you can keep track of:

    • your company contacts registered
    • history and documentation
    • declared properties of your items in ongoing and finalised declarations

    The portal also contains a library with product sheets, security sheets, test protocols and other documents your company use in the declaration process.

  • A declaration of an item is solely a declaration of key data to be used in a complex and comprehensive application process. The declaration is therefore not an approval, nor a disapproval of the item, and the item is neither approved nor certified by Nordic Ecolabelling. 

    Hence, the item will not carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and must not be presented as ecolabelled.

Declaration Guides

Read the guide before you start declaring


Declaration Portal

Declare your items here


or look at this video guide


Further questions?

More information can be found at our national Nordic organisations websites: