We need more logins

If your company have login credentials to the Supply Chain Declaration Portal, the competent contact can request username and password for more users via the form below.

Request login credentials to the Supply Chain Declaration Portal for new user

The person you want to give access to
Is the person employed by the company you have stated in the top of the form?
Which access level shall the user be given?

Access levels

In the form above where you can request more users, you must specify the access level the user should have. The following levels are available:

Standard: User can see all information in the portal and can also create new applications.

Brand owner: The user gets an overview of all brands where the company is registered as a brand owner, and all eco-labeled products registered on the brand.

Consultant: The user only sees the applications that it is specified that they should have access to. This access can be given to both internal and external users. NB: The user will have access to the company’s document library (common to all applications).

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