To the SCD portal

Welcome to the Nordic Ecolabelling declaration site

This is where you as a supplier help your customer in connection with their application to obtain a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence by declaring your items* in the Supply Chain Declaration Portal.

* Item is a general term for various products and materials. For example chemicals, laminates, glass and fabrics.

Nordic Ecolabelling uses your information when evaluating a licence application. If specific properties need to be shared with your customers, it will be stated in the requirements. Everything else is treated confidentially by Nordic Ecolabelling.

In the declaration portal you can also state which customers should be able to find and select your items.

You will find your area of item in the menu above.

A declaration of an item is solely a declaration of key data to be used in a complex and comprehensive application process. The declaration is therefore not an approval, nor a disapproval of the item, and the item is neither approved nor certified by Nordic Ecolabelling. 

Hence, the item will not carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and must not be presented as ecolabelled. Occationally, Nordic Ecolabelling may verify an item in advance of a formal request from a licence applicant.

Data from supply chain declared items can ONLY be used in a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence application process.